Septal Cartilage Reshaping Using Laser Technology?

I have found articles on the internet about the success of using laser technology to reshape the septum, is that technology available? I have already had rhinoplasty and it messed up my nose bad, the idea of going under the knife again puts me off, if such a technology is available I would be very interested

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Septal Cartilage Shaping with Laser

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If you need to change the shape or position of your septal cartilage I advise you to pick an experienced surgeon not the technique. The success will depend on the surgeon regardless of whether a knife or laser is used.

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Revision rhinoplasty with laser

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thank you for your question but I would need more information. I'm not sure if your problem is inability to breathe through your nose or the appearance is the problem. I'm afraid there is no laser technology that offers superior results for a structural problem. Lasers can be used to decrease the size of turbinates but  as far as reshaping the septum there is no benefit to using the laser. It is important you have an accurate diagnosis made by seeing a rhinoplasty specialist  and then options can be discussed.

David F. LaPatka, MD
Santa Barbara Facial Plastic Surgeon
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