Separation of Stomach Muscle Do I Meet Surgery Criteria and Can It Be Done at Same Time As Another Surgery?

i have a seperation of my stomach muscles following my 3rd child born 4 months ago I can fit 3 fingers width by my belly button and 2 fingers width upwards. I have quite bad lower back pain. I have an app. to see my consultant in july to remove a ovarian cyst. Do i met the criteria for surgery and could it be done at the same time as the cyst removal Is it ok to just bring it up with my consultant when i see her in a few months. or should i see my GP first i don't want to be fobbed off.

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Combining Surgeries often makes sense

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Combining surgery (rectus abdominis repair and ovarian cyst removal) so there is just one recovery makes a lot of sense and yes they can be done at the same time. It is key to be examined by a plastic surgeon to make sure there are no other issues to be addressed such as a hernia and that you are in good medical health.

In most areas in the USA these days your PCP (often the GP) is the gatekeeper of medical care so definitely have involve him/her before hand.

Are you a surgical candidate?

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At a minimum, photos would be required to evaluate your request and a direct exam would be the gold standard.  That said, your history indicates you have a diastasis of your recti muscles and this could be safely corrected at the same time as your ovarian surgery so you would only need one anesthesia.  I'm not sure how the sequence of referrals goes were you live, however it seems either consultant or GP could give you a referral.  Good luck.

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