Separated Fascia in the Pelvic Area?

I've been told that I have separated the fascia tissue in my pelvic area (when I strained my groin). My adductor muscles are very tight and I think they played a role in helping this tissue separate all around the pelvic ring. Can this heal or be repaired somehow? It has also caused my cremaster muscles on both sides to be drawn up towards my groin. This injury as you might expect is driving me crazy. Thanks for your help.

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Hernia repair

Your description sounds like a hernia.  I would recommend a consultation with a general surgeon on your options to repair this.

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Your complain sounds more like a sports hernia

What you're describing is more along the collection of injuries that make up the diagnosis of a "sports hernia". Usually you need a specialized kind of MRI to better delineate exactly what may be injured.  The surgery for these is similar to but different then how you would repair a traditional hernia as it often involves tears in where the rectus or adductor muscles attach to the pubic bone. The world guru on these is in Philadelphia, Dr. William Meyers. If you google his name, you can find some reprints of articles on this to see if you think it sounds like your injury.

Robert Oliver Jr., MD
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Separated Fascia in the Pelvic Area?

Speaking for myself, and I think most plastic surgeons, this is way outside the scope of my practice and knowledge. These questions would be better addressed to a sports medicine specialist, an orthopedic surgeon or a physical therapist. All the best.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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