Ugly, upturned, short nose & concaved columella after Rhinoplasty. What should I do? (Photo)

Now my nose looks short & upturned compared to how it was before. Columella skin seems to have been shortened & looks concaved...which in turn makes my alar wings look like they extend below what they're supposed to (also my nostrils show too much) from the front. My silicone bridge implant needs readjusting. Picture is what it looks like currently. What should I do? I'm distraught. My nose pre-op was so different. Is donor skin required during revision? All help is greatly appreciated.

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Treatment for an upturned nose

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If your rhinoplasty left you with a short, upturned nose, you need to plan to derotate the tip and lengthen to the nose in an elegant manner to get the nose you had in mind.  In my experience, this requires rib cartilage and obviously, planning, preparation, and flawless execution of that plan.  

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