Significantly asymmetrical eyes at 2 weeks post-op. Due to swelling or...? (Photo)

I had double eyelid surgery, ptosis & epicathoplasty. I'm distraught over my significantly smaller eye. My surgeon has since given me 2 jabs but those had hardly made an improvement at all. There's been little to no progress in recovery with this particular eye since 3rd day post-op. Did any complication/damage occur during surgery that would require me to schedule a revision? It's worrying as my nose & other eye have been healing well, yet this one's exhibits somewhat weak opening power.

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Normal healing process

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At only 2 weeks, you will certainly has swelling and scar tissue that masks your result and cause asymmetry. This is a part of recovery and is to be expected at this point after a blepharoplasty. Be patient with your recovery and give your body time to heal. Be sure to keep any follow ups you may have with your surgeon for his or her advise and evaluation. Best wishes.

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Droopy eyelid following ptosis repair

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Thank you for sharing your question and photo. At two weeks post op, your eyelid is still recovering. You might still have a perfect result, but if the asymmetry persists at the six week post op period, revision might be necessary. Follow up with your surgeon for full evaluation.
Good luck,

Eyelid Surgery Two Week Results

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Thank you for your question about recovery from eyelid surgery.

Two weeks is too early to determine final results.

For specific questions like this and about your recovery in general, it is best to speak with your doctor or doctor’s representative – such as his or her nurse, or the physician on call for the practice.

You will likely get many different opinions from members of the RealSelf Community, but they have not physically seen or examined you, and nobody knows you or the circumstances better than your surgeon.

If you feel you are not being listened to or you are doubting your doctor’s recommendations, then it is certainly within your rights to seek a second and get the advice from another board certified physician. This should be done through an in-person consultation.

Obviously, if you think that you are having a medical emergency or other serious problem, you should call 911 and/or go to your nearest emergency room.

Best Wishes.

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You are far too early for scheduling a revision.

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However, you may be in trouble.  I strongly encourage you to be patient.  This needs time to settle down.  Your left upper eyelid is obviously ptotic or droopy.  This can occur for any number of reasons.  Your surgeon is not likely to engage in a big discussion of what happened here.  Althought it is very embarrassing to have this type of issue, time allows the swelling to settle down so that a more accurate diagnosis of what is going on can be made.  For a second opinion, I recommend Yoon-Duck Kim at Samsung Medical Centre School of Medicine.  She is the past President of the Korean Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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