PS taped me tightly under breast, having an allergic reaction. He said this procedure is important and I have to cope? (Photos)

I have had motiva implants demi 295cc under muscle on November 4th. For the 5day after surgery I had tape and bandage around my breast. Since 6th day I have had the bandage taken off but still have the tape underneath my breast very tightly. I have had blisters and scars due to the tape as it is itching like crazy. My doctor said I have to just cope for two weeks and that the purpose was that one breast is higher and that the implant needs to settle right. Please give me information what is going on.

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Allergic reaction

Thank you for your question.  If you are concerned you are having an allergic reaction to your dressing and/or tapes it is important to discuss this with your surgeon.  Every surgeon has a unique protocol that they find works well in their hands.  Some surgeons find they achieve good results with minimal dressings, but others feel that better outcomes can be achieved with a different protocol.

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