Asian blepharoplasty Revision - I'd like to have higher creases? Possible?

I had full-incisional blepharoplasty a few months ago but the creases were made too low & are barely visible (they get tucked under). Is it achievable to have my creases lifted higher or to have a completely new crease made? I consulted a surgeon & was told that I don't have sufficient skin for the old incision scars to be removed... what are the possible ways to get a higher crease? How does lifting work? & how can old incision scars be removed? Won't you have to cut along the same line?

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Enlarge crease?

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I can't give you definite answer without looking your photos but if crease is too low, this crease can be enlarged by creating new crease higher than existing crease. Removing redundant skin also can enlarge the size of crease but you don't have any redundant skin, this can't be your option. As far as removing old scar, when you increase  size  you can't remove old scar. Only old scar can be removed when you reduce  crease size. If size difference between old and new crease is less than 2mm then old scar will not be visible even if you have two  scars but if the difference is more than 2mm  then old scar can be issue.I hope this will help.

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Revision Asian blepharoplasty to increase the fold height

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First, since your surgery was done a few months ago, I would recommend that you wait at least a 3-6 months before making the final assessment. If you still want to have a higher fold at that time, your options will depend on your age, skin quality and amount, eyebrow position, scar quality, etc.

Eric In Choe, MD
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Revision Asian eyelid surgery for higher crease

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You most likely can but I really don't know without more information or at least front and side photos.  In general as long as skin has not been removed revision are possible but you'd most likely need an incision technique to reach your goals.
Chase Lay, MDAsian eyelid surgery specialist

Chase Lay, MD
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