Sensitivity Loss in Nipples? Reusing Periaerola Incision to Replace Ruptured Implant and Possible Lite Lift. Likelihood?

Will have both implants replaced..(possible small lift) likely with same saline types.. so natural NO ONE has guessed in over 25 years...honestly. BUT 1. need to know more about cohesive gel implants. 2. Major concern is scarring as I nude model still...AND as important is 3. possible loss of nipple sensitivity. advice? Sensitivity loss risks and likelihood? and how best to prevent it assuming I will ONLY use peri type incisions.

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Breast lift questions

The visibility of scars and potential of loss of nipple sensation are affected by the technique used to lift the breasts and specifically, how far the nipple needs to be moved.  The farther the nipple needs to be lifted the greater the likelihood of losing sensation.  As far as nude modeling, you should look at the surgeon's scars in photos and determine if they are acceptable to you.  There is always makeup and photoshop.

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Sensitivity Loss in Nipples?

Too many questions for this forum. I think they are good concerns to have prior to surgery and you will get them all answered at a consultation.

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