Sensitivity after a temp crown is fitted?

After experiencing sharp pains in an upper tooth I was finally able to see my dentist. I could tell that some of the root was exposed & asked if I would get a filling. Sadly, I was told I needed a crown. The tooth was not chipped/decayed or damaged. 3 days later after the temp crown I'm still experiencing sensitivity every time I drink something. Dentist said he put a filling over the root & not to worry I don't know what to do..

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Sensitiv temp

Typically due to deep decay and micro leakage.

This is why I do CAD/CAM CEREC dentistry. No second shots for delivery appointment ,no temps or gaggy impressions. Better for tooth since final work is done on same day as preparation. You'll pay a little more but worth it!

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Sharp tooth pain that dentist said needed crown.

If what you are saying is accurate, there was no chipped, decayed or damaged tooth, then why would your dentist advise a crown? My guess is that there is something missing in the conversation you had with your dentist. No dentist would just crown a completely good tooth that wasn't having a problem.

Sharp pain? Was it to biting pressure? What your dentist may have diagnosed was cracked tooth syndrome, where a microscopic crack (that you or your dentist may not be able to see) is splitting the tooth, and in the process causing the root and nerve to be painful. To keep the tooth from further splitting, and possibly being lost (needing to be extracted/pulled), the usual and customary treatment is a full coverage crown and definitely not just a filling. Many times this works and solves the problem.

However, sometimes the crack is caught just too late, and even the crown won't solve the problem. Next step is do a root canal, which if the crack didn't go extremely deep, will most likely solve the sharp pain. If the crack goes down deep, below the level of the bone or splitting the tooth in half, then they tooth would have to be removed.

Saying all this, it's not uncommon to have sensitivity while the tooth is covered by a temporary. If the dentist put a sub filling over the deeper area, then he realized that there was a deeper problem that he was treating.

Go back to your dentist, make sure your bite is even, give it some more time. Most likely, the crown will solve your tooth pain problem after a period of healing.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

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