Sensitive Nose After Sub Q Restylane Normal?

I had a nose restylane last year Aug, but suddenly got some infection symptoms after skin laser, so took medicines and injections . All pain went away, not swollen anymore, but whenever I work out, do hiking, or too hot (I'm living in Singapore, everyday summer ), my nose becomes red like our noses become red when we cry. But no pain at all. Can this be still inflammation symptom and I need to take more medicines ? I don't want to dissolve. Pls advise. Thanks

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Restylane in nose

It is unlikely that Restylane injected that long ago will be making your nose red. You should consider seeing your Dermatologist and ask him about Rosacea. 

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Restylane in nose

It is unlikely that Restylane that was injected a year ago is suddenly making your nose red. In fact, it would be unlikely if it was a month ago. I have never seen restylane cause heat or exercise related redness.It is more likely that you have reactive vessels or Rosacea. I would talk with your dermatologist about this

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