Sensitive Breasts 6 Weeks Post Breast Lift/Implants?

I am 6 weeks post breast lift and 400cc high profile silicone implants. My nipples and bottom half of breasts are painfully sensitive. I have to wear silicone breast petals to help protect them from everything...even the air hurts! One day this week, I had acute pain in the left nipple and it was actually sucked inward for a few hours. As it came back to normal, the pigmentation in the aerola was/is nearly gone. Please assure me this pain will eventually stop! Thanks!

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Sensitive Breasts After Breast Augmentation

It may occur from time to time as breast implants settle and the expanded implant space remodels. It seems to be more common as an annoying sensitivity for a brief period, following the under-breast incision. That incisional approach is necessary for placement of moderate to large size silicone gel implants. Massage of the nipple areas and breasts with witch hazel or even rubbing alcohol may help.  Occasionally the surgeon may carefully inject some local anesthetic called marcaine 0.5% (5cc) mixed with a small amount of kenalogue 10mg/cc  (1 cc) per breast along the lower border of the ribs underneath, at the outset, to help things along and take the edge off.  This neuralgia or nerve soreness is usually derived from stretch of the tiny nerves at the under surface and lower border of the breasts. Avoiding underwire and use of support bras with some padding underneath and around the nipples will further help. Rarely a medication called gabapentin (generic for a class of agents) to ease nerve soreness can be prescribed for a month or two. The medication can affect regularity of your mentrual cycle occasionally, but can be quite effective. Discuss your situation with the surgeon and see if some prompt early action might head off the intensity of the soreness as things heal. Reassurance that this will be short-term is key.

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Nipple sensitivity after breast augmentation

Many patients experience sensory changes of the nipples after breast augmentation.  Rest asure though that it will improve.  I instruct my patients to actually massage the sensitive areas in order to speed up the desensitization of the nipples.  I hope this helps.

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Sensitivity after breast lift/augment

Some patients develop hypersensitivity of the nipples after breast augmentation. It will eventually ease but the problem should be reported to your plasti surgeon and you should continue to shield the nipples as you have been doing.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Hypersensitive Nipples Not Uncommon After Augmentation

It is not at all uncommon to have hypersensitivity in your nipples for a time after a breast augmentation.  Time will almost always correct this problem.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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Nipple Sensitivity.

Try to be patient, and continue What you are doing. This tends to get better with time, but it may take several weeks.

Stephen E. Zucker, MD
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