Does it make sense to use Sculptra to regain volume in cheeks then use something like Voluma to create shape?

I'm a man going through a course of Sculptra treatment to gain volume in my cheeks and lift my face. From what I've read, I should get a good bit of volume eventually, but it will be a general, unsculpted fullness. Does it make sense to add a small bit of something like Voluma (since it allegedly lasts about as long as Sculptra) at the end to shape the cheeks to something more masculine than a full, round cheek?

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Sculptra AND Voluma?

Your thinking is right on.  But consider that some Voluma at the jawline might be great to bring back your more masculine festures. injecting the male face is more difficult and requires some finesse, but the results are gratifying.

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Adding Voluma after completing Sculptra treatment is a good idea

At the recent IMCAS meeting in Paris, Dr. Danny Vleggaar, the worlds expert on Sculptra gave a talk and demonstration.  He stated that you should think of Sculptra as a scaffolding, and to do finishing touches with the HA fillers.  So, I think your idea is a good one.  By the way, I don't believe that Voluma will last as long as Sculptra.  The data shows up to 2 years duration with Voluma, but that's for people getting 6 syringes or more.  If only one or 2, you will get 12-18 months probably.  Also, my patients get over 2 years with Sculptra.  Steve Weiner, MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Destin, Florida.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Does it make sense to use Sculptra to regain volume in cheeks then use something like Voluma to create shape?

Sculptra and Voluma are used together quite frequently and with good results. I recommend consulting your injector for the best advice of what will work well for you. 

Daniel Shapiro, MD
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Treatment with Voluma and Sculptra

Voluma is specifically formulated to correct volume loss and enhance contour to the mid cheek area creating a more youthful appearance. Voluma instantly provides a smooth, natural-looking appearance to the cheek area that last up to 2 years with optimal treatment.

Sculptra is used to stimulate collagen production, helping to replenish volume loss. Sculptra is the only volumizer scientifically designed to stimulate natural collagen growth treating the underlying cause of facial aging. Benefits of Sculptra last up to 2 years with optimal treatment.

I often inject both Voluma and Sculptra for my patients as they complement each other. I usually inject Voluma in the mid cheek to lift and contour and Sculptra in the cheek hollows to volumize.

Consult with a Board Certified Dermatologist to see which option is best for you and how many sessions/syringes you would need.

Nissan Pilest, MD
Irvine Dermatologic Surgeon
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Layering Fillers

I love layering different fillers to achieve just the right look. Most commonly, we'll blend calcium hydroxyapetite (Radiesse) with hyaluronic acid (Juvederm), but many fillers can be combined to correct both deep and more superficial volume loss. Mid face correction with Sculptra and Voluma for masculine chiseling verses rounded plumping makes perfect sense.

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Sculptra and Voluma

Sculptra and Voluma certainly complement each other.  As you mention, men should not have full, rounded feminine cheeks so make certain your physician is an experienced injector.  Having over 4 years' experience with Voluma, I know that full correction does not last 2 years.  Additional Voluma is usually required at about 1 year.  

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist
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Men and Sculptra

Sculptra is the ideal facial volume enhancer for men.  It is subtle and slowly builds up your own collagen so it has a very natural look.  Sculptra lasts twice as long as Voluma.  If you have the correct amount and placement of Sculptra there is no reason to add Voluma.  Please find a board certified dermatologist for the best cosmetic results.

Michele S. Green, MD
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Voluma will recreate your face shape

Your best option is Voluma; this facial filler will restore volume giving you softer contours to your face. Consult with your doctor to find out if this is the best filler for you. Good luck!

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Sculptra vs Voluma

The cheeks can be shaped with Sculptra and/or Voluma separately or together. I like to use Sculptra if the whole cheek needs to be treated and there is overall sunken look. Voluma I use for patients who want immediate gratification. Many arguments can be made to use one over the other but at the end of the day it is the patient's choice between Voluma and Sculptra. My concern is the sudden change that happens at 2 years after Voluma gets absorbed. Sculptra gets absorbed slowly and gives you enough time to add more for maintaining the correction. 
Dr. J

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