Sensations During Procedure with Local Anesthesia For Implant Removal. What to Expect?

I'm having my subglandular textured saline implants removed June 11 with local anesthesia. What kind of sensations will I feel during the procedure? The original incisions are under the breast. Wondering what to expect as far as what I will feel during, and after.

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Implant Removal under local anesthesia

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Simple Explantation or implant removal without capsulectomy can be performed in many cases under local anesthesia alone or with Twilight anesthesia especially for calm patients without significant medical problems..I often give oral  Ativan or Valium an hour before this procedure so that the local anesthesia has little discomfort and often even forgotten.

Afterwards there is usually minimal discomfort.


Sensations during Breast Implant Removal under Local Anesthesia?

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I think that you will find that the procedure will involve some “stinging” associated with the use of local anesthesia and possibly some mild pressure/tugging as the breast implant is removed. Textured implants do tend to adhere to surrounding tissues more so than smooth implants;  you may experience some mild pressure/pulling as the implant is removed. Generally speaking the process is well tolerated by most patients.

Best wishes with your upcoming procedure.

Implant removal under local anesthesia

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In general, implant removal without capsulectomy or another implant placements is relatively a straight forward procedure. The procedure is easier under local anesthesia for saline implant since the implant can be emptied and removed through a small incision. You'd should not feel much pain after the skin and tissue is infiltrated and numbed. After explantation the pain is usually very minimal. 

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Can you remove implants under local anesthesia?

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Local anesthesia is sufficient if you are simply removing the implant but not removing the scar tissue around the implant.  You will likely have a sensation of pressure as they release the scar attached to the implant, but the incision and tissue immediately around it should be completely numb.

Richard H. Fryer, MD
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon
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