Can a Semilunar Upper Eyelid Crease Be Changed and if So How Would This Be Fixed?

the creases are not really high but I do not like how much eyelid is showing in the inner upper lids. I want a more uniform size lid. Can the crease be redone and if so what is involved with doing it?

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Changing the crease is possible

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Without photos, we can't really give you a specific recommendation that applies to you. But in general, upper eyelid crease and platform can be adjusted with careful subtle surgery. Seek an experiences surgeon that has experience in eyelid surgery. An oculoplastics  surgeon is your best bet. You can find one close to you by visiting ASOPRS dot org.

Best of luck

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Adjusting the eyelid crease

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Without photos or an exam it is impossible to know what can be possibly achieved for you from a surgical procedure.

Answered a prior post of yours.

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Photos with your questions would be very helpful.  Please consider reposting this questions with pictures.  In appropriate circumstances with can be adjusted using anchor blepharoplasty, and ptosis procedures.  

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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