I hear some places suggest using 4% Hydroquinone bleaching cream to pre-treat skin for Hypopigmentation. is this true? (photos)

As u can see the color didnt take to well. the rose is mainly black with black shading and the color in the rose is red but it didnt take well and has alot of missing spots where you can see my skin color and green in the stem and leaves which that didnt take well either so there not much color in my tattoo...

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Missing colors in tattoo treatment

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Tattoo removal works very well with the new lasers available.  Perhaps the wrong laser was used since the red was skipped.  Hydroquinones will not work since the ink is much deeper and will not respond to topical bleaching agents. I suggest you return to your treating physicians for evaluation and follow-up.  As with all cosmetic procedures please make sure they have a great deal of experience with tattoos for the best results.

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