Does Selphyl Work for Skin Rejuvenation?

I would love to hear doctors' experience with Selphyl. I can find very little on the internet, I guess because it is new. I am particularly interested in it's use under the eyes (tear trough). Thanks!

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Selphyl is an injection treatment for facial rejuvenation

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Selphyl is an system for preparing autologous platelet-rich plasma from a small blood sample taken from the patient herself. So, basically, two tubes of blood are removed and spun in a centrifuge. The platelets, which rise to the top, are combined with a fibrin matrix and are then injected under the skin. The matrix, which is made of your own platelets, is totally natural and there is no risk of allergic or adverse reactions. The goal is for the matrix to react and stimulate collagen formation. The needle size can be varied so I do not think that there is a risk of trauma around the eyes.

Selphyl is an organic and autologous option for an injectable filler material

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Selphyl is a system that enables platelet-rich plasma to be extracted from one's blood. The concentrated platelet extract is then combined with a fibrin matrix to make it injectable and to be used like other off-the-shelf injectable fillers. By concentrating the growth factor-rich platelet's into an injectable form, it is possible to induce a potent wound healing response that can build collagen under the skin. How much collagen can be built and how sustainable it is awaits ongoing clinical experience. Because Selphyl must be injected through a slightly larger needle than most other injectable fillers, it is more traumatic (risk of bleeding or hematoma) to use around the eye area. It is better suited to many other facial areas.

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