Is Selphyl Completely Non Animal Non Human?

Some doctors' websites say that Selphyl is a person's own blood which is then mixed with a "patented compound" or "chemical catalyst." I was interested in knowing if this compound is from animal or human origin. The company was not forthcoming with my question. Does anyone know? I need to be certain that added compound is vegan before I shell out thousands for Selphyl.

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Selphyl: marketing vs.substance

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I don't use the product but have seen a number of unhappy patients who feel the wasted their money on the "vampire face lift'.  Any product that adds volume to the face will made the face look better.  Most surgeons use the patient's own fat.

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Selphyl uses your own blood. Don't your facial tissues already contain your own blood?

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Of course the "patented Selphyl system" involves intellectual property which the company cannot disclose, for fear a competitor will market a simpler, cheaper, or better alternative.

This is a "new" name for what has been used for years, and basically is an autologous (made from your own blood) fibrin glue. Nothing wrong with fibrin glues--they work just fine, but so does your own clotting and healing mechanisms! Sure, this "system" "concentrates" your body's healing juju right where it is needed, but then again, where does your body heal when the facial skin is lifted? That's right--it heals right there at the site of injury where there is already platelet-rich blood present from the severed capillaries. And if you're vegan, then your blood is too!

You need careful surgery by an ABPS-certified plastic surgeon who does good work without relying on marketing gimmicks or charging you thousands (more) for what your body already has right at the healing site!

Again, I'm not saying there's anything WRONG with using fibrin glues (Selphyl or otherwise), it's just that it doesn't really add anything you don't already have (except additional cost, and perhaps a marketing "buzz")!

Concentrate on your choice of surgeon, not on the "gimmick-du-jour."

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