Is It Possible to Select Molars to Extract Before Invisalign?

I had a consultation for Invisalign and was told that I have to extract 2 upper premolars and 2 from the bottom. This is due to overcrowding and cross bites. I also have a rotated canine on the upper left. I'm worried about the missing tooth appearance during treatment.

Can the third or fourth premolars be removed for this procedure instead of the first? Please advice.

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Invisalign can create the illusion of teeth

If you TRULY need to have teeth extracted (and for something like that, I would suggest talking to a few orthodontists. We are learning now that in the past, extractions were done too much. If your orthodontist is "old school" you might want to consider a more progressive office) and if Invisalign treatment is the method, each tray can contain a false tooth (for aesthetics).

In general, molars are teeth that you want to keep. They are designed for work, for the forces involved in chewing etc. Removing them and keeping premolars can lead to many other problems.

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Get another opinion!

Get a good consultation for your case. It sounds like a lot of extractions are being considered. Extraction doesnt solve cross bite problems anyway; arch expansion does that. Seek out a younger orthodontist with good Invisalign experience for newer, fresher approach.

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