Seeking rhinoplasty after I had a facial right maxillary sinus fracture in 2008 (Photos)

5 months back, I underwent "Bilateral FESS and Septoplasty " to cure my sinuses and a deviated septum. A surgeon suggested me of going in for Nasal bridge dorsum Augmentation. He also mentioned that my "right lateral nasal wall is mild depressed than my left lateral wall" 1-Is my nose a primary case for augmentation ? 2- Can i opt for Osteotomy of my left lateral nasal wall to come in symmetry with the right side and debulking of my nasal tip alongwith narrowing in of my nostrils ?

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Previous maxillary sinus fracture and rhinoplasty

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Your previous maxillary sinus fracture should not impact your rhinoplasty as long as the key facial pillars are intact.  At this point they should be healed and if there are any residual irregularities along the side wall, this can be treated.

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