I'm Seeking a Plastic Surgeon Who Specializes in THE HIGH LATERAL TENSION Abdominoplasty.

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HLT is great for the right reasons!

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A High Lateral Tension Abdomenoplasty is a technique created by Dr. ted Lockwood that has some groundbreaking features for its time;

1-High lateral tension that helps to eliminate dog ears and create a better hourglass shape.

2- Reduced central tension to create a beautiful female abdomenal shape - "feminine pillars".

3- Large deep permanernt fascial sutures to take tension off the skin for better healing and better scarring.

4- Discontinuous undermining - a dissection technique that leaves more blood supply intact during surgery and allows for more liposuction than would be advisable with a normal tummy tuck. it also allows for less risk of wound breakdown and less scars.


This technique is great for the right patient. Still some patients would benefit from other iterations of body shaping techniques.

1- Mini- Tummy Tuck

2- Reverse Tummy Tuck

3- Endoscopic Tummy Tuck

4-Liposuction alone.

High Lateral Tension Abdominoplasty

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The high lateral tension abdominoplasty is an excellent technique for the right candidates, and also provides some outer thigh lift in addition to tightening the skin of the abdomen. Alternatives such as the mini and modified abdominoplasty produce shorter scars and are indicated in some patients. Your plastic surgeon should be board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and have expertise in aesthetic surgery procedures, which is indicated by membership in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Tummy tuck query

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Don't get me started! The high lateral tension abdominoplasty, like many technical variations, gained prominence because it was named and promoted as a better technique. Lockwood indeed made a useful contribution although personally i don't agree with many of his theories. the reality is that there is no one technique which is ideal for all patients. The way to approach your abdominoplasty is to appreciate that the elements which need consideration in achieving a beautiful result are: the skin excess and quality, your underlying body shape, the thickness and distribution of your fat deposits and whether you have a divarication of the rectus muscles requiring repair. The abdominoplasty design which best addresses these elements in your individual case will give you the best result, whilst keeping the scar in an ideal low position. Generally, the best surgeons do the best abdominoplasties. It's not important whether it's lock woods technique or not. So, have a consultation with some surgeons in your area, have them assess you, look at their results, listen to their plan for your individual case and make your choice on that basis. Abdominoplasty is not a technically demanding procedure, but the difference in a poor looking result and a beautiful result is all in the nuance of how each element is handled, and that's the key. Abdominoplasty surgery patients are a very satisfied group. Most gain substantial benenfit from the surgery and I hope you do too. Good luck.

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I'm Seeking a Plastic Surgeon

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Recently invented Nutational Infrasonic Liposclupture (NIL) system developed for solving several problems related with prior techniques using surgical incisions to remove excess fat tissue resulting in prolonged operation time, need of general anesthesia, more tissue damage, bleeding, higher complication rate, prolonged healing period and scarring. It is especially affective in difficult and large areas like the abdomen, buttocks, back, upper arms thighs and knees and in such areas superior to Laser Lipolysis System which is designed to be applied in gentle parts of body. In NIL technique, a cannula having fluctuation, rotation, and vibration movements creating ultrasonic waves allows removing fat tissue gently and safely without harming any other tissues. 

Tummy Tucks--What is in the name?

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High Lateral Tension Tummy Tuck?, No Drain Tummy Tuck?, W-Tummy Tuck?, Minimally Invasive Tummy Tuck?  All nomenclatures can cause mass confusion. Don't be your own doctor.  Little knowledge can be very dangerous. My advice to you is:

Find a Plastic Surgeon who is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Do not price shop. You get what you pay for.  Then TRUST YOUR DOCTOR TO RECOMMEND THE RIGHT TUMMY TUCK FOR YOU.


High lateral tension abdominoplasty

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You ask for a surgeon who does a specific kind of abdominoplasty.  Although there are plastic surgeons who feel that every patient should have that technique utilized, most plastic surgeons adjust their technique to the patient's anatomy and desires.  The differences between the variety of abdominoplasty techniques are quite complex, even for an experienced plastic surgeon, so I worry about your focus on a single technique.  I think you are not necessarily doing yourself a favor by restricting your potential surgeon to a particular technique. 

It would be interesting to hear from you the reasons that you think a high lateral tension abdominoplasty would fit your needs the best. 

Al Aly, MD
Abu Dhabi Plastic Surgeon

Don't get involved in techniques

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You should not get involved in how the tummy tuck is done as it will confuse you.  If your looking for a plastic surgeon the most important thing to do is look at the before and after photos.  The before/after photo section should include: 1. at least 20 patient phots, 2. each patient photo should have 6 views from each patient (front, quarter turn, profile, back, sitting front and sitting profile views), 3. the phots must be include all of the body from under the breast to mid thigh, 4. qulity of the photos should be clear, 5.  the photos should be taken in very small under pants so that you can see all of the body.  Also, important is that you confirm that your surgeon is board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgeons.  Lastly, ask the office to get you in touch with two patients who recently had a tummy tuck (with in 3month period) so you can talk to them.

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