Seeking Laser Hair Removal Burn Advice, Could this Become Permanent Scarring?

I have been receiving Laser Hair Removal treatments for about a year now on my genital area. The attached photos are from my 6th session I had last Wednesday, 10/26/11.I am Asian in ethnicity and have a medium, Olive skintone. This is the first time I've experience any complication and am worried about permanent scarring. The photos show the area above mons pubis. I am experiencing slight discomfort and itching. Any professional advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Burns from Laser Hair Removal

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Hi JTH.  The photos help a lot in determining what kind of outcome you will have.  Although the burn looks serious, it also looks like you will heal.  We would encourage you to keep the area moisturized with products like neosporin and also keep the burns away from sun exposure.  This will help the darkening resolve sooner.

On another note, after 6 treatments, you should have 90% - 95% permanent hair removal if your practitioner was doing the procedure correctly.  Is this the case?  If not, we would be happy to see you at our Orange, CA office for a free consultation to finish the work.  Thanks and I hope this helps.

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