Should I Stop Working out So I Have Enough Fat for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Greetings Medical Sculptors! I'm 28, 164lbs, 5'8", & I'm seeking a better rear. I work incredibly hard at the gym & have improved my profile by 30%. I'm not satisfied. I know I can get the "shelf" I'm searching for- as well as the voluminous bottom w/a heart shape. I also feel I lack hips- I'm a bit squared off & boxy on the sides. Recently had a baby 6mo. ago-lost 30lbs. Shld I cont. to workout & shed fat, if I want surg in Feb 2012? Seeking about 1Kcc's each cheek... ATTAINABLE?

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Enough Fat for Brazilian Butt Lift....?

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Well, That's a tall order to fill! 

Your hard work has paid off.  You look like you are in great shape. 
If these are your current pictures, and you want the Brazilian Butt Lift, not only would I tell you to stop losing, but I would also tell you to consider gaining!  Even if I was able to come up with enough fat to inject 1 liter per side, I think you would have a beautiful buttocks, but maybe not quite as large as the buttocks in the photo you show.   

Does workout affect donor fat availabity

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Congratulations on working out in the gym and the 30 pound weight loss following your pregnancy. I would not suggest that you lose any more weight because you need to have adequate donot fat supply. You should be able to work out judiciously as long as you are not dieting. You should be examined as soon as possible to assess your fat supply. From the photos it appears that you have buttock projection; you just need to make the buttocks rounder and fuller. Hips are often deficient and filling them with fat is a usually performed along with the buttcok augmentation. I don't think that you can or should decide by yourself on the number of cc's of fat that need to be transplanted. This needs to be done together with youur plastic surgeon. At first you may not have enough fat to be used. And second, the buttcoks need to be examined for suppleness to see how many cc's they will accept at one time. Sometimes the desired size needs to be done in 2 or more stages.

Should I Stop Working out So I Have Enough Fat for Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Consider gaining some weight for the procedure to have enough for a transfer and seek a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of these procedures, has great reviews and photos, and is an expert in this field.

Ron Hazani, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills General Surgeon
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