Seeking Advice As to What I Need in my Next Breast Lift Revision? (photo)

In 4/2010 I had a circumareolar breast lift w/silicone implants. I then sought the opinion of another Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performed a full anchor lift on both breasts in 5/2011. Once again my left breast dropped and the nipples were uneven. I had a 2nd Breast Revision with the same Dr. in 11/2011 and once again my left breast has dropped and is out of pocket. Will I need strattice in order to hold my left breast in place or is there another method to keep it in it's pocket?

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Do I need another Revision, should I use Strattice?

Tough question without having the full operative report in front of us. If your breast pocket has already been plicated or sutured to lift it and it has recurred, I would recommend using something like  strattice to keep the implant in place and prevent it from bottoming out again, my advice is if plan A did not work before do not repeat plan A and expect it to work. good luck

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Breast asymmetry

You may need more support to get the folds closer. Yes they are a bit different, but not out of the norm.  Certainly more surgery could get them coser if you desire.

Steven Wallach, MD
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How to keep breast implants from dropping? (photo)

Usually, securing superficial to deep fascia closes off the pathway for implant descent.  Implants will not dissect into the dense subcutanous layer.  Strattice or another acellular dermal graft is another option.

Steve Laverson, MD
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Revision May Benefit From Strattice

In your query you mentioned that the "left breast has dropped and is out of pocket."

The photograph shows that the left breast has "bottomed out:" it appears that the implant is lower on your left  because the breast crease (inframammary fold or IMF) is lower.

Repair/repositioning the IMF would not necessitate the use of Strattice and can be accomplished with suturing techniques. If the suturing techniques have failed to correct the problem (you mentioned a second revision), your surgeon may choose to use Strattice to reinforce the repair of the IMF: this is a technique employed by many surgeons.

If the implant is displaced from the submuscular (subpectoral) position, Strattice can be a great help in securing the implant and avoiding recurrence of the problem.

Your surgeon can certainly explain her/his recommendations for using Strattice based upon her/his knowledge of how your body responded to previous procedures.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
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Breast Asymmetry

I could not tell from your information whether or not any internal plication was attempted on your left breast.  Your pictures only show a slight asymmetry and it seems like it is just the implant pocket that is a little lower.  Plication and/or use of additional internal support may help.  You will have to weigh the cost of another revision in making your decision.  Even with all the techniques available, asymmetry may still persist.

Don W. Griffin, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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