How Much of What I'm Seeing is Swelling 2 Days Post-Op Breast Implants?

I had a breast augmentation 2 days ago. I'm 5'7" and before surgery was 134 lbs, barely a B cup. I wanted implants to even me out and just take me up to a full B. My implants were placed under the muscle through a side incision, and I also had my arm pit fat (those "chicken wings") lipo'd out. My stomach and face are so puffy looking and I now weight 142 pounds, which is horrifying me. My breasts look huge, like a C cup. How much smaller can I expect to be when the swelling subsides?

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Swelling takes months to completely subside; you will see a change in the next few weeks. Your breast will go down about 5%. Good luck everything sounds normal. Make sure you follow up with your PS to assure you’re doing everything the way directed you.



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