Seeing Uneven Results After Smart Lipo, Normal?

I am seeing more of a result after smart lipo to my left back and love handle than on the right, is this normal?

Had smart lipo done to my back on the bra line and my side (love handles) on May 9, 2012. The sides are completely gone however, one day my back is smooth and the next its very swollen and back to looking like the results will be minimal. I've been drinking 6 to 8 cups of water daily and have been watching my salt consumtion, I've even started wearing the compression wrap again but it hasn't seemed to help at ALL? Is there something more that I can do to obtain consistancy?

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Early Smartlipo Recovery

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It can easily take up to six months after any liposuction procedure to see the final result. Along the way there will be periods of iintermittent swelling, asymmetries and irregularities. You are only three weeks after surgery so you have a long way to go before doing a final and critical analysis of your outcome.

Uneven results after smart lipo

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You didn't state when your procedure was performed - initially after liposuction, swelling can be asymmetric or uneven.  It often takes months for the residual swelling and fluctuations to completely resolve, which can alter the appearance of the tissue.   Waiting 6 months or more to finally analyze the results is sometimes necessary.

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