I'm Seeing $5500 As an Lipo Average in Chicago. Is That Total Fee (Dr and Facility)?

Lipo of the stomach and hips, small back area. I was just quoted almost $8000 for 2.5 hours in the facility and $4900 doctor fee. Is that average cost?

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Liposuction costs in Chicago

You are right that our experience is liposuction costs in our area are $5500, though what is 'included' can vary as well. Often the surgeon will quote his fee, and estimates for the rest, anesthesia, facility, garments, can disappoint. As they say, it is best to 'get it in writing' so you know the real (total) cost going in. Our practice can provide it as can others so you can know, plan, and prepare.

Best of luck, peterejohnsonmd

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Cost for liposuction

Most dermatologic surgeons would treat you without charging an operating room fee or a fee for anesthsia.

You can look into liposuction totally by tumescent anesthesia. The fee is less and the safety is much greater.

Good luck!

T. Wayne Day, MD
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Liposuction costs

For Chicago, the $8000 fee sounds reasonable for OR, anesthesia, and MD fee for the time required and the multiple sites you've mentioned.

Ricardo Izquierdo, MD
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