Why Do I See Visible Improvement in my Jowls for the Few Days Following Venus Freeze Treatments, then the Results Diminish?

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Why Venus treatments diminish a few days after initial treatments

Venus tightening results will diminish a few days after initial treatments due to the connective tissue strengthening and then weakening back. This is the reason it takes 6-8 treatments to permanently repair weak connective tissue. Over time the tissue strengthens and it holds itself in place creating a tighter firmer healthier appearance. Similar to strengthening muscles, the connective tissue bands get stronger and firmer over the course of frequent treatments. Maintain these results by remembering to do Venus treatments on special occasions once your initial results have been achieved. 

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Immediate improvement with Venus Freeze

The treatment will cause immediate surface improvement, and then yes, some will go away, but what's happening underneath and over time, is the true benefit. Remember that the purpose of Venus Freeze is to create more collagen and improvement under the skin in the deeper depths, which will then, over time, improve the upper levels for the long-term.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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