Is What I See Now the Final Result 9 Weeks Post Op Abdominal Liposuction?

My lower abdomen still has areas that are firm and these are still quite numb areas to touch, mainly below the belly button. Stomach now seems to come to a uneven peak and is lopsided and bellybutton droops down. Was told that healing doesn't occur uniformly and should resolve itself. I swelled 2 days postop, to looking 9 months pregnant, and was given a tight wrap binder to wear on top of my compression garment, took a month to get back to pre-op size. Still having moderate pain in lower abs

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Healing Process after Liposuction

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I would advise you to give a total of 6 months for final results.  If your belly button is "drooping down", this may be due to excess skin laxity.  It would be best to consult your surgeon, especially at the 6-month mark to discuss the success of your progress.  

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Liposuction and swelling

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Swelling after liposuction is normal and can persist for several months after surgery. If concerned, it is best to be seen by your surgeon.

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Still have some time to see improvements

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Thank you for the question.  At 9 weeks after your liposuction you still have some time to see improvement.  Significant contour problems at 9 weeks may indicate the need for some revision surgery however.  At this time, I would massage, wear your binder, and give your body more time.

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