Staph Infection Following Tissue Expander and Implants. Could I Have Prevented This?

i had tissue expanders due to cancer, implants were put in on 11/22, got staph on 12/12, left implant removed wed after xmas. Ur saying staph infections from implants are rare, what is the percentage. would ciprofloxacin hcl prevent staph infection.. i forgot to take it when came home from surgery, and did not take till 10 days after was not on my release instrucions and i forgot to take when i got home from surgery. Could that have prevented the staph infection? was i at fault...

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Cause of Staph Infection after Breast Reconstruction

Assigning blame when it serves no purpose is not a useful activity. That being said surgeon's instructions are termed instructions because they are not mere suggestions. Surgeons rely on their patients executing a full set of activities to reduce the likelihood of certain complications among which is infection. There is no way of knowing if your failing to take antibiotics after the surgery caused your infection but it certainly could ave helped the process. At this point, I would regroup emotionally and shoud you decide to re-do the operation I would follow your surgeon's instructions completely. 

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Staph Infection Following Tissue Expander and Implants. Could I Have Prevented This?

Very hard to answer without a more detailed examination and review of the chart. Yes it could be possible that not taking the prescribed antibiotics was a potential cause but really we can not speculate. Seek ID examination and other opinions in person. 

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