Should I See a Neurologist for Sensory Nerve Damage After Chin Implant?

Had a chin implant removed after 7 months because it was uncomfortable and due to swelling that caused my right mental nerve to go numb. Sensation recovered while i still had the implant in But for the past 4 months my right lower lip has an odd feeling that is between being numb and not numb that is driving me crazy! It seems to get worse whenever I talk or smile a lot. My lip throbs often and my temperature sensation feels colder than normal.What is my prognosis and should I see a Neurologist?

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What To Do About a Nerve Injury Following a Chin Implant

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The good news is that it is very likely that everything will return to normal. The bad news is that it may take months longer. The nerve was bruised during the first surgery and was likely bruised when the implant was removed. It may take a while, but all should be well. As far as the neurologist is concerned, I don't think they will add anything that will help. We already  know why you are numb and that it often takes many months to recover. Given your situation, a neurologist will almost certainly tell you that you the same thing. Hang in there. Everything should be okay given enough time.

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Sensory Nerve injury after Chin Augmentation

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The fact that you mentioned that sensation is revovering means that you will probably have complete recovery. A neurologist at this early stage will not be able to help further than simple observation which your plastic surgeon is already doing.

Improvement in Symptoms after Chin implant

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    If you have had improvement in symptoms then you will likely continue to improve over a period of months.  There is usually a period of observation in this situation.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA 

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