Not Sure if I Need to See my PS. Should I Be Worried with Belly Button and Incision? (photo)

3 Weeks Post op from full tummy tuck with lipo. First question, is the redness around my belly button anything to be concerned with? I noticed it a few days ago and it appears to be getting worse. I can't describe if it burns, itches ...etc as I can't feel anything there. Also my incision has developed this red mark under it. In person it resembles the color of a burn. I just want to know if this is normal healing or something to be concerned with. Thank you!

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Allergic Reaction of Infection after Tummy Tuck

    From the pictures, you appear to have an allergic reaction or a fungal infection at the belly button, while the tummy tuck scar appears to look OK.  Talk with the plastic surgeon about your concerns. 

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Contact dermatitis


Thank you for the question and the photos.  Redness of the incision at 4-6 weeks is a normal part of the healing process.   The redness that you have shown in your photos may also indicate a mild component of contact dermatitis, which is essentially a rash secondary to a substance that is in touch with your skin.  If you are applying anything to your skin such as antibiotic oint it may be the source to the redness that you are referring to.

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Dr Remus Repta

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Not Sure if I Need to See my PS. Should I Be Worried with Belly Button and Incision?

This is in the range of normal BUT if you are taking so much time to post the photos why not see your operative surgeon for care? I recommend immediate visit and wound care instructions. This is avoidance of anything BAD happening. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Redness is hard to evaluate without a proper exam

Anytime there is redness that is new one should consider infection.  That being said, redness is very common after a tummy tuck and is very rarely an infection.  Your plastic surgeon will be able to tell by an examination.  It will be hard for you to know since your sensation in the area is not normal and all the usual symptoms that you should be feeling will not be present.

Dev Wali, MD
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Healing as expected following an abdominoplasty

You are still in the early phase of healing and all of the symptoms and features that you are describing are normal.  Of course it is important to rule out any other causes such as irritation from tape, a latex allergy or an infection.  If things continue to get worse it is time to have  your plastic surgeon take a look and be sure you are healing as expected

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Start with your surgeon if you have questions....

Forums such as this are a very convenient starting point to get information about surgical procedures. Very often, people post questions about post-operative recovery and "does this look ok?" 

In general, you will be best cared for by your surgeon who knows exactly what was done and has been there with you through the entire process. If you can not get a satisfactory answer, then consider seeing another board certified Plastic Surgeon in your area. 

Lawrence Iteld, MD
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Redness around incision lines after tummy tuck

You don't have any drainage or wound breakdown; the wounded skin is a little red bacause of normal inflammation.  Fron the pictures there is nothing strange happening, but you should feel very comfortable calling your surgeon (or the nurse in the office) to take a look.

Daniel Greenwald, MD
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Normal Recovery After Tummy Tuck

Thak you for sharing your photos.  You are recovering uneventfully.  The redness of your incision around the belly button is likely due to reaction to the sutures used.  It should get better with time.  You should have a nice result. Best wishes!

George Bitar, MD
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Should I Be Worried with Belly Button and Incision

Everything here looks normal. The area around the main incision looks like a resolving reaction to steristrips. 

Thanks, best wishes. Do not hesitate to call your surgeon with any questions!!

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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