Will I See More or Less Eyelid when Swelling Subsides After Upper Blepharoplasty?

I am 2 weeks post-op from having a upper blepharoplasty, & now that much of the swelling seems to have subsided feel like I am not seeing as much "eyelid" as I hope I would. My Dr said I should see more eyelid as the swelling continues to go down, is this true

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Eyelid fullness in the early post operative period

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You are still very early in the post operative recovery phase and way too early to judge the result.  Unfortunately this is human nature.  Relax, follow your surgeon's advice and this too will pass.  If you do not see significant improvement over then next 6 to 8 weeks then this may be time for a recheck with your plastic surgeon. 

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Eyelid fullness

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As stated by others on this blog, two weeks post op is too early to see final results. Our answers are somewhat limited because we do not see photos but the most common reason to re-do upper blepheroplasty is that one really needs a brow lift, without which some patients are never satisfied. Nevertheless, you will see better results a month or do from now. Congratulations. 

Still swelling present.

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It really depends on what you mean by "seeing more eyelid". As the swelling recedes, the eyelid fold/crease will become deeper and hide the incision much better. This will not necessarily make more eyelid skin more visible.

Wait till about three months before making a final judgement. It maybe that you would also need a browlift to get the eyelid expsure that you are looking for.

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Postoperative blepharoplasty

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Hello. I feel that two weeks is not enough time to tell you what the final results would be from your upper blepharoplasty. There should be improvement when the swelling subsides 

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