Why can I see metal from my crowns inside my gums?

my dental crowns to the front have no visible dark lines so I am pleased with that however when using a mirror to check the back of my crowns I can see a lot of metal so the porcelain doesn't meet the gumline to the inside is this normal? or will my teeth decay due to the porcelain not meeting I am worried when I brush toothpaste and water will get inside the gums and wash away the cement, please help me understand I am so stressed over this

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Why can I see metal from my crowns inside my gums?

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It appears that you have porcelain fused to metal crowns, which over the last few decades have been one of the most common types of crowns used by dentists. Many dentists will not place the porcelain all the way down to the gum area on the back sides of the teeth because nobody hardly ever sees it, and if he did he would have to drill more of the back side of the tooth away to accommodate the additional porcelain.

As long as the crown properly fits and covers all of the prepared tooth you shouldn't have tooth decay unless you have poor oral hygiene and don't floss and brush your teeth every day. Just because you have crowns, doesn't mean you don't have to remove the plaque.

Tooth past and water won't wash away the cement unless the crown doesn't fit properly. If in doubt, return to your dentist and have this discussion with him.

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