Will I See Further Improvement to Pre Sulcus Area Had Macs Lift Seven Weeks Ago (photos)

I have had a macs face lift seven weeks ago.i am happy with my cheeks .I have had fat transfer to both cheeks .I have now noticed that my jaw is not defined and have ended up with a square jaw.I have always had a very strong chin.will this area continue to improve or will I need fillers?Als are the stitches used in a macs fave lift the only thing that is holding the face up or does the lifted bits becomes attached to the new position? Thanking you for your feedback

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Something can be done after healing. MACS facelifts have limitations

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Thank you for your question.  Before getting a certain surgery done, it is always important that you get the right kind of information from your doctor about it. In my practice, I teach and communicate a lot to my patients and that information is reinforced by my staff who are all involved with the patient’s care.


MACS lift, which stands for Minimal Access Cranial Suspension lift, is a procedure which promises short scar quick recovery face lifts. There’s a limited amount of undermining of the tissue where only a smaller area of the skin under the face is lifted. And when it’s lifted, these stitches are placed to attach the tissue in the temple area. In a standard face and neck lift, there is a need to open the tissue more in order to re-drape. Unfortunately, a MACS lift doesn’t turn out as well as promised. It may look good in the beginning,but it tends to regress after some time.

In my approach, it is not necessary to do only short scar face lifts for a quick recovery but rather to do the proper face lifts with quick recovery. I’ve helped a lot of patients to achieve very good neck definition because of this.


A limitation with short scar lifts is that although you can get a vertical lift to the face, there’s often residual sagging in the neck and even in the lower face. Face lifts depend a lot on a person’s facial anatomy. If you have a have round or wide face, you may not get as much lifting as you would like. Many patients have come to me who have had short scar face lifts and needed revising and proper face lifting procedures done because of this.

Regarding your question, it is actually normal to have a little bit of indentation in the area called the mandibular notch. This is an area where we lose bone as we get older, so we use fillers such Radiesse or silicon pre-jowl to correct it. In your case, it is too soon for you to have this procedure as you are still in the early stages of the healing process. I would recommend that you review your photos with your doctor and get a sense of what you can anticipate. You can always get a second opinion from a reputable and ethical doctor. I hope this is helpful to you, and thank you again for your question.

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MACS lift

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    There are variations on this lift, but it basically involves running 2 or 3 pursestring sutures from the deep temporal fascia to lift various areas of the face. It can be a very powerful tool.  Over time, the scar should hold the tissues up, but some people (including the original author) use permanent sutures.

Results after a MACL Facelift

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It is difficult to say what will happen with your chin and mandibular area without more information. The MACS Facelift is a technique of elevating the cheeks and neck. However, frequently other refinements are added to further enhance the neck and submental areas. I personally frequently liposuction these areas. If nothing else was done, you will probably not get much further improvement. If you had something else done, then you may have significant swelling still which usually takes at least 8 weeks to really start resolving. As far as the two sutures, these hold the tissues in position until the body's scar is strong enough to take over. To truly answer your questions, you need to discuss them with your surgeon.


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