Crown upper/lower? Matching bite?

Hi i need to get a crown on an upper molar. I already have a crown on the lower molar that opposes it. I am concerned about how they match this so my bite is not effected. ( i had a filling done on other side that was initially to high and the pain from that was extreme until rectified obviusly a crown cant be filled down to fit like the filling ) Th ank you for any input

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Crown Opposing A Crown

This should not be an issue.  Crowns oppose crowns everyday.  If there is a minimal bite adjustment to be done after cementation, it will be easy to do.  

Houston Dentist
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Establishing correct bite with crown

Crowns can be adjusted both before or after cementation.  Ideally the bite on the crown should be perfect or close to so there is minimal adjustment that would thin the porcelain and cause weakness and future fracture.  

David M. Schertzer, DDS
Saint Louis Dentist
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