Are There Sedatives Used Prior to Active FX Treatment?

What type of sedatives are administered?

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Local anesthesia and mild sedation needed for Fractional CO2 laser

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The more comfortable the patient, the more aggresive protocol can be taken. The more aggressive the protocol, typically the better result assuming you have fair skin and are under the care of an experienced board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. We typically do lorazepam, Demerol shots, topical numbing cream and nerve blocks to keep our patients comfortable.

Your laser physician should be interested in your comfort

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We commonly use Valium to add a level of comfort to the procedure. Occasionally we will even give a low dose of oral pain medication if a patient deems it necessary. Topical and injection anesthesia is a common component of our care as is use of a Zimmer cooling device to bathe the areas treated in an icy sensation. For procedures designed with patient convenience in mind, extra measures need to be taken to ensure your optimal comfort. There is no need for general anesthesia or IV sedation unless your laser is being combined with other procedures that need those types of heavier anesthesia.

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