Sedation for Smartxide Dot Therapy?

My doctor said he'll sedate me for Smartxide Dot Therapy. Is sedation really usually done for this procedure?

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Hi there- I don't do the Dot, preferring the Mixto SX, but they are very similar lasers (both are fractional CO2 lasers). Whether or not I recommend a bit of sedation to a patient for this procedure really depends on two things...

How much anxiety the patient has- if a patient is anxious, I usually recommend a small dose of oral valium.


The settings I'm planning on using for the treatment. The procedure is more painful the deeper I'm planning on treating, so if I'm planning on treating deeper problems like acne scars or deep wrinkles and not just sun damage, I'm more likely to recommend sedation and maybe even an oral pain medicine.

I do this because I want my patient to not only get the outcome they wanted, but also to look back on their treatment as a positive experience. Your doctor is probably wanting the same for you, but ask about it if you aren't totally comfortable with it or just want to understand the rationale.

Good luck- you're going to love your new skin!

Sedation for Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing

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This is not completely necessary, but you may be more comfortable if the doctor plans on doing an aggressive treatment.  Generally I give my patients oral sedation (percocet and valium) in addition to a topical anesthetic and this works great for me.

Ryan N. Heffelfinger, MD
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon

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