Should I Be Worried After Sedation from Active FX?

I am being sedated for Active FX, but am nervous about post-procedure days. I don't mind about the look its about the feel. Will I feel like I should be calling the fire brigade?

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Post-op after sedation for Fractional CO2 laser

Majority of centers do provide mild sedation for Fractional CO2 laser including Active Fx, Fraxel Repair or Mixto. You may not remember much of what took place during the procedure (and that should be part of the intended plan). You would be under influence and should not drive motor vehicle and someone should look after you when you take a shower or go to bathroom for the first 12 hours after procedure. Potent antihistamine is advisable for subsequent 2-4 nights to minimize itching and insomnia.

Bay Area Dermatologic Surgeon
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Sedation for Active FX

Sedation and pain control is usually given just before the treatment. You should not drive yourself home. You should not need a great deal of pain medicine after the first day. Benadryl will help you sleep and minimize itching in the treated area. This will keep you from rubbing.

Asa D. Morton, MD
San Diego Oculoplastic Surgeon
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