Which "Section" of the Rhinoplasty Procedure Lasts Longest? What Are The Normal Steps Taken During Surgery?

Is it the lateral osteotomies?Is it the medial osteotomies?Is it the stitches? Because my surgeon told me the operation will last approximately 2 hours and considering that I have never had an operation in my life,this time makes me nervous PS. My case is to straighten my nose and make no other change at all

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Duration of steps in a rhinoplasty procedure

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The rhinoplasty procedure takes approximately 1 hour to perform under a general anesthesia.  This would include tip, bridge, and osteotomy work.  If during this rhinoplasty procedure only osteotomies were to be performed (without any other cartilage grafting techniques or tip surgery), the surgery would take approximately 30 minutes under general anesthesia.  The medial and lateral osteotomies simply do not take very long in experienced hands and are one of the shorter elements of the operation.  Tip surgery and grafting procedures take much longer during the rhinoplasty procedure.

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Time of rhinoplasty

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No particular maneuver in rhinoplasty takes a great deal of time but to get a result that is optimal it is very common for a rhinoplasty to take 2+ hours of time.  I often accomplish 90% of what I need to do in the first 60 minutes but spend an additional 60 minutes on the finishing touches that are available through the advances in structural grafting.  The rhinoplasty procedure of 20-30 years ago, which is still performed by some surgeons today can take only 30-45 minutes because many of those finishing touches are not and cannot be performed

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Length of a Rhinoplasty and the Steps Taken During Surgery

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The length of a rhinoplasty operation and the steps taken in that surgery depend on the needs of each individual patient and will vary from surgeon. 2 hours is a reasonable time for a rhinoplasty operation. Select an experienced  surgeon and trust his/her judgement.

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How Long Is A Rhinoplasty

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I frequently have patients ask how long a surgery will last and then express some concern that they are frightened about its length. In truth the length of the surgery really isn't an issue when it is as short as two hours. The rhinoplasty surgery is one where every millimeter of change can make a difference and the surgeon is an artist in making sure everything is done just right. You will be asleep and under the care of a board certified anesthesiologist who has only one job and that is to keep you safe and comfortable until the surgery is completed.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Section doesn't really matter

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It's not as if one section takes a certain amount of time it is the whole procedure.  One part hinges upon the other and very often you need to touch up a "part" you already did to get the nose in the proper balance.  Don't try to separate out the individual portions of the procedure, this is what your surgeon is doing to give you the best result.  If you have concerns about the operation, discuss them with your doctor before proceeding with the surgery.  Good luck, Dr. Schuster in Boca Raton.

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