C Section Scar Not Removed with Tummy Tuck?

My ps did not remove my c section scar and it sits about a half inch below my tummy tuck scar. Can this cause issues with the healing of the new scar or any other issues? Also my c section was done so well you could barely see the scar.

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C-section scar should be removed as part of a tummy tuck.

I always excise a C-section scar the same time as an abdominoplasty. There might be an indication not to do so which your surgeon would explain to you.

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C Section Scar Not Removed with Tummy Tuck?

Your plastic surgeon will you be your best resource when it comes to an accurate response to your question regarding placement of the tummy tuck incision line. Sometimes, if the C-section scar is very low, and the planned excision of tissue is “high” on the abdominal wall, using a separate incision line from the C-section scar may be indicated. Most of the time however, patients prefer having the timmy tuck incision "placed" at the level of the C-section scar.

 The concern regarding healing occurs in the area between the C-section scar and the tummy tuck incision line. This “bridge” of tissue may or may not receive enough blood flow to heal normally.

 Best wishes; hopefully, you will be pleased with the long-term outcome of the procedure performed.

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C Section Scar Not Removed with Tummy Tuck?

Dear tjts,

Thank you for your question.  I have never not removed the c-section scar during a tummy tuck.  I also mark my patients while they are awake to see if there are any preferrences that I can accomidate during the surgery.  Maybe, if your scar is so faint your surgeon did not see it?  Ask your surgeon what the reason was.

Best Wishes,

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Tummy Tuck Scar Above C Section Scar

Usually the C section scar is removed with a Tummy Tuck.  Fortunately, you stated that your C section scar is good. Just for your peace of mind, ask your surgeon at your follow up visit why he did not take the C Section Scar out.  Best wishes for a quick recovery!

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Tummy tuck scar is higher than the c-section scar

Usually, c-section scar is removed at the time of tummy tuck.  However, if your c-section scar was very low (close to vulvar commissure), it could have been left behind.  Since you have healed well from c-section, your tummy tuck scar should heal well as well.  Wishing you the speedy recovery.

Sugene Kim, MD, FACS
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Scars from previous C-sections are typically removed with a tummy tuck including vertical scars.  If your C-section scar was scarcely visible and your wounds are healing satisfactorily, I cannot see a problem with your scenario.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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C Section Scar Not Removed with Tummy Tuck?

       Some very low C-section scars barely above the vulvar commissure cannot be removed.  The blood supply may be compromised in the intervening bridge of tissue between the C-section and the tummy tuck scar.



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Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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C Section Scar Not Removed with Tummy Tuck?

The risk is insufficient blood supply to the skin in between the scars, and possible tissue loss. However, since you are over a month out, the problem would already have occurred and would have been obvious, with a strip of dead skin in between the incisions. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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