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I had an open Rhinoplasty 14 months ago. The tip and columella is still hard as rock. I also have a dent in my nasal bone that I didn't become aware of until recently. It simply wasn't there in the months post-op. How can this be, did the bone partially collapse? Finally, I have a small knot that moves when I touch it; it feels as if it’s ripping my underlying skin. What’s happened? How can it be fixed? Should I get a revision rhinoplasty? Please Help! I’m really scared. But, thank you, for your time in answering my questions!

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Go to a rhinoplasty surgeon who has done many revision nasal surgeries.

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Since it has been 14 months since your previous open rhinoplasty, the nose should be fairly well-healed at this point. The tip and columellar are hard as a rock, probably because of some type of cartilage grafting that was done in the nose. Any dents in the nasal bones may have to be repaired with morcellized cartilage grafts to augment the dent. It is doubtful that your bones collapsed. Make sure that you go to a rhinoplasty surgeon who has done many revision nasal surgeries.

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You need an evaluation

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It is too difficult to discern from your description what you may need to have done to give you the result you desire. Firmness after rhinoplasty is fairly universal particularly with specific type of techniques. I always warn my patients about this prior to having a rhinoplasty. It could also however be a sign of excess scar tissue. Swelling covers a lot of imperfections and it takes at least 1 year for all swelling to resolve. Again, I can't say with certainty without examining you. I wish you the best of luck.

Samson Lee, MD
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You need to be seen and evaluated.

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These questions can not be answered over the internet. You need to be seen by an experienced rhinoplastic surgeon. Have you followed up with your doctor? By 14 months, all of the swelling should be gone.

Get another opinion.

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