Secondary Infection from Itching with Pearl Fractional

I ended up with staph after thinking I just had a few pimples. Was told to do a white vinegar soak every hour four five days following with vaseline. I itched so bad, and believe I had a reaction from the vinegar. Red rash turned into pustules from itching. What is your take?

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Staph is a common organism found nearly everywhere and  is flora on many areas of the skin.  It is not possible to sterilize the skin, just the ability to clean it.  Thus, you likely will need antibiotics to clear it up.  The nose harbors staph in many people so every time you blow your nose, you are likely blowing staph on your skin.  When we know people to be at higher risk, we start them on Mupirocin nasal ointment to decrease the staph risk from there.

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Recovery from Pearl

It's really important that you follow up, in person, with the office that treated you.  It's not unusual to be red, itchy, sensitive and even have some non-infection related whiteheads and pustules that develop.  It's not good if you scratch or pick irritated as they may be, this is what leads to infection and scarring.  You are not doing yourself any favors by trying to deal with it yourself or tough it out.  Go back to the office that treated you.  That's what they are there for.  If you were one of our patients, I would be saddened to know you were going through all of this and not reaching out.  It's difficult to advise any patient what to do without seeing them. Keep the areas clean. I would stay away from things like Neosporin because you may react to that.  If it is an infection, you may need oral antibiotics but it's really not possible to say.

I can not stress enough to please call the provider that treated you.

Take care~

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