I am a 59 yr old woman that had Breast augmentation surgery on 4/22/16. Why is talking that long to heal?

It has been one month already and the healing process have been soooo slow. My under arm muscle hurt so bad, the implant still high, the incision area hurt and show numness. Im still not able to do any size of lifting cos it hurt too much. Breast still kind of hard, Why is talking so long to heal??

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Post BBA

Hi and thanks for the question. The average amount of time for breast implants to drop into place is 8-12 weeks. During that time you will have soreness especially with more movement and exercise. Make sure that you bring these issues up with your PS to make sure that there is nothing abnormal going on. Best of Luck -Dr Hardy

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Healing after breast augmentation

Healing following a breast augmentation, especially when the implants are placed beneath the muscle, can take several months to fully heal.  The direction of pull of the muscle often pulls the implants up, making them seem to hit too high.  This is literally the only time in a woman's life when gravity is her friend!  In addition, the process of healing for an implant takes a very long time (12-18 months) and is usually at its worst at about the three month mark.

While many women recover very quickly from breast augmentation, sometimes it can take a little longer. By about three months, the implants will have settled, the scars should be turning the corner and improving significantly, and you should have adjusted to having the implants in place.

If, however, you have concerns, your best course of action would be to schedule a follow up appointment with your surgeon, who can hopefully reassure you and set your mind at ease.  Good luck.

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Healing time

While healing times vary, there is no way to evaluate yours without much more information. If you have concerns, schedule another follow-up with your surgeon for an evaluation.

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I am a 59 yr old woman that had Breast augmentation surgery on 4/22/16. Why is talking that long to heal?

Sorry ofr your slow recovery! But over the internet can not respond. Best to seek in person paid second opinions from boarded PSs in FL.

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Still sore a month out

It sounds as though you are under the muscle and it takes longer and if you have a large implant relative to the size of your pocket it will be hard and ride high.

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