Sharp pain in tooth and jaw from root canal done 3 days ago. Have been taking pain pills every 6 hrs did have infection.

Had a root canal on #19 on Mon and my jaw and tooth still hurt. If my top teeth touch the area, I have very sharp pain. The tooth already had a crown, it was drilled thru and temp filling now.

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Pain after root canal #DrSoftTouch

It is not uncommon to have pain after root canal treatment similar to what you are describing. Holding your mouth open for a long period of time during a dental procedure can cause your jaw to be sore. It's also not uncommon to still experience some pain or soreness with the treated tooth. The pain should subside over the next several days. Good luck and I hope this helps.  You can follow me on RealSelf if you have more questions.

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Pain After Root Canal

Sometimes there is pain after a root canal appointment very similar to what you describe. During the visit your mouth needed to be open for a while which can traumatize your jaw joints which can lead to your sore jaw. The tooth pain is coming from inside the tooth and also around the tooth itself directly from the process of cleaning out the canals of the tooth. The pain typically will go away gradually over the next several days. Ibuprofen works well with this type of pain. If you notice any swelling, don't hesitate to call your doctor.

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