What Can I Expect After a SIXTH Revision Rhinoplasty with Extensive Rib Grafting? (photo)

I have had five rhinoplasty surgeries in the past 14 years. Each doctor was board certified and well researched. Doctor A did surgeries 1-3, doctor B did 4 & 5, and two weeks ago doctor C did number 6. Surgery #'s 4&5 involved extensive ear grafts and after surgery #5 the right side of my nose completely collapsed. Two weeks ago I had an expert at revision rhinoplasty use rib grafts to try to rebuild my nose. I'm very scared that I'm in for more problems and dissapointment. Seeking honesty...

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Sixth revision rhinoplasty

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My honest opinion is that it would be wise to have no additional surgeries. After all, the enemy of good is better.

Revision Rhinoplasty

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Revision rhinoplasty is a surgery which should be performed by only the well experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.  Typically, the greater the number of prior surgeries a patient has underwent, the more difficult future rhinoplasty surgery becomes.  As revision surgeries usually require cartilage grafting, ear or septal cartilage is usually utilized for revision rhinoplasty.  In patients who seek revisional surgery after multiple prior surgeries, or those that require marked grafting at the time of their first revision, rib cartilage is routinely used. The key is to research your surgeon, and his credentials, and his experience with these challenging cases.  It appears you have done your homework, so I suggest you have good faith in your outcome, and follow your surgeon's post op instructions.  Good Luck!, Dr. C 

Anthony Corrado, DO
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon
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