Does working out/weight lifting your butt and legs affect how big you can go with butt implants?

I plan on getting butt implants in about 2 months or so . I want to go as big as safely possible . Will working out/weight training buttocks and legs before surgery help with going bigger ? Is it better to do so ? Or is it better to not work out that muscle pre surgery ? Thanks'

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Should i work out prior to butt implants?

Because I am a big believer in a healthy lifestyle, I recommend all my patients exercise and practice good nutrition. However if you're going to have surgery within the next 2 to 3 months, working out your butt now will make very little insignificant difference by the time of surgery.  The good news is that working out makes little difference in the size of implant possible unless one builds a large amount of muscle similar to a professional sprinter or bodybuilder. In this case the muscle is so strong with little give that actually a slightly smaller implant may have to be used...but also a smaller implant is required in this case too. Glad to help. 

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