Can make-up be applied right after an Isolaz treatment?

Is it ok to put on make-up after a treatment?

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Makeup after Isolaz treatments

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Yes, you are able to go about your daily, normal routine immediately after an Isolaz treament!

We have some patients who bring their makeup-bag with them, and reapply their cosmetics the second their treatment is finished. (If you want to apply makeup immediately after, please make sure that you are using a noncomedogenic makeup brand.)

On the opposite end of the spectrum we also have a large number of patients who prefer to leave with their skin clean and clear to allow for unobstructed skin-healing after their visit.

The choice is completely up to you, however (unless it is night) sunscreen will always be applied to your skin post-treatment before you leave our office.

Philadelphia Dermatologic Surgeon

Make-up after Isolaz

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Yes, patients can wear make-up immediately after an Isolaz treatment. It is recommended to use sunscreen immediately post treatment.


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Isolaz treatments don't cause any break in the skin so it is perfectly fine to apply makeup after the treatment.  Good luck with your treatment, we have found Isolaz to be very helpful in our acne patients.

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