Would veneers be a good option for my crowded crooked teeth? (Photo)

My teeth are also spotted and have discoloration due to radiation treatment I underwent as a baby. I've been told invisilign would work but I worry about my teeth going right back to the way they are now if I forgot to wear my retainer. And I would need to get them professionally whitened anyways this is why I am hoping the veneers would work for me. Also I have had braces twice both times the outcome was great until I either broke or lost my retainer.

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Would veneers be a good option for my crowded crooked teeth?

Many  thanks for asking about your smile. You have had orthodontics before but have had relapses. From looking at your smile, your front teeth are very prominent and forward but veneers would not make a lot of difference. You need orthodontic treatment with perhaps 2-4 teeth removed at the sides to allow the full anterior segments to be pulled back. 

The repositioning would allow your lip seal to be better and  your smile would then be enhanced with a better profile as well.

Invisalign is a discrete but  removable orthodontic system that would allow you to achieve a great smile without the downtime and pain of fixed braces.

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Veneers are your best option, if yo go for braces, at the end you will have aligned teeth, but they are discolored, so you need to have a big change, you are young, and also you have a high smile, with veneers you will change this, shape, size and even color, within a couple of days, you will be able to change this and would be able to have an amazing solution.

Ideal option

ideal option in yr case is veneer treatment followed by braces/aligner  treatment. it will take around 5 months to correct alignment by aligner and later veneer.

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Porcelain veneers

If you are not going to wear invisalign, or any kind of ortho to move the teeth.  Then yes veneers is a great option.  As long as you understant that the tooth that is more forward will be reduced more aggeresivly.  Also those white spots cant not be bleached as they get high lighted and patietn hate them more.  that can easily bse corrected with veneers. 
Good luck

Do orthodontics/ Invisalign

It really looks like you should treat your crowding with Orthodontics first. This could be done with Invisalign. In the photographs it doesn't look like the white spots are very noticeable, so I would whiten after Invisalign and see how you like things. Otherwise, I would consider you to be a combination treatment case with Orthodontics first followed by veneers, and I would highly recommend only no-prep or minimal prep thin veneers not standard veneers. The way your teeth are right now, your veneers would be extremely bulky and prominent if the crowding isn't dealt with first.  Your crowded lower teeth would probably cause wear and breakage of any upper veneers that are done if the lower teeth are not straightend first.  Conventional veneers would require an aggressive amount of tooth preparation, and I do not recommend them in this case.

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Porcelain veneers can give "instant orthodontics"

The only real "warning" is that due to crowding/crookedness, some teeth will be treated more aggressively than others, and in some cases may result in more treatment than JUST veneers.  However, most dentists are not TRAINED for this, so you must choose a dentist carefully.  Cases like this require careful planning for the best results.

If all planned well, it can be as few as 2 visits within a week or two to get your perfect smile!

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Hello there,
Since you have had orthodontics twice already and relapsed both times, I would not recommend it again. Based on your photos, you appear to be an excellent candidate for veneers.  To achieve that perfect smile you're looking for with instant results, I would recommend 8-10 porcelain veneers across the top and the bottom.  I would recommend consulting a cosmetic dentist to determine your options, and always look at before and after photos when choosing your dentist. They will give you a good idea about what you can expect. I've attached a link to a before and after photo of a patient of mine who chose the instant fix of veneers. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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