How does Vanquish work? Is it effective all over the body, or specific areas?

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Vanquish Works for Body, Upper Arms and Upper Thighs

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VANQUISH treatments are uniquely reduce fat by radio frequency energy device that selectively targets only subcutaneous fat on the abdomen, upper arms, upper thighs and flanks.  Its  non-invasive method  makes a virtually pain-free treatment that simply  shapes the body and tightens the skin as a bonus.

In our opinion, the best areas to treat are the stomach, love handles and back fat because of the larger surface area.

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Vanquish Effectively Reduces Fat

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VANQUISH treatments are a one-of-a-kind method to permanently reduce fat by effectively heating and killing selective fat cells The procedure is unique in the way the heat is delivered-- suspended above the body to treat the area for desirable contouring. This non-invasive procedure makes a pleasant, pain-free treatment that effectively shapes the body and tightens the skin with its radio frequency energy.

There is virtually no recovery time from the procedure, although we find it helpful to maintain proper hydration and a healthy diet to assure weight stability.

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How Does Vanquish Work and on Where?

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Great question!  Vanquish utilizes radiofrequency waves to selectively target fat instead of surrounding tissue.  Since it is a large panel with side panels, it can cover the entire abdomen and love handles.  Currently, the primary area of use is on abdominal fat and love handles.  The biggest advantages of Vanquish are that it doesn't hurt, doesn't have any recovery, is an easy 30 min treatment, and the patients with the most fat have the most dramatic improvement.

Dr. Liu

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