Vaginoplasty: When can I expect a final result?

How long after surgery will it be before I can expect a final result?

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Vaginoplasty final result

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There are two endpoints in vaginoplasty. The first endpoint is the return to sexual activity which typically takes 6-8 weeks. At this stage you will experience tightness with some rigidity as there may still be suture material dissolving. The second endpoint is at 6-12 months where tissue remodeling is completed and all suture material dissolves. At this point your tissues will become more pliable.

Final result post surgery

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The best answer is:   It usually takes a good 3 to 4 months to see optimum results post pelvic reconstructive surgery.

Vaginoplasty healing

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You should be expecting to go back to your regular life in 6-8 weeks but you may still feel some tightness or irritation around the area. Most of the suture material might be absorbed by that time even if not it would be gone soon after that point.
 But complete anatomical end result may take even longer time then that and you should be little patient to see the actual result.

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Dr Kafali

Results after vaginoplasty; what to expect

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While you may feel the "tightest" soon after you resume sexual intimacy at 6-9 weeks after surgery, when there is still some of the induration ("stiffness") left from surgery, the women in my practice who are consistant about performing their pelvic floor muscle training exercises will note full results after 6 months, when they have strengthened their musculature to "back up" the tightening repair performed by their surgeon.

Patients who have undergine vaginoplasty/perineoplasty without pelvic floor muscle training have significantly poorer long-term results than women who work with their surgeon and/or a pelvic floor physical therapist to strengthen the levator musculature of the vagina post-surgery!


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